The Narcissist & The Victim with Bizzie Gold

In today's society we sadly elevate and reward victimhood. The end result? Everyone looking for someone to be oppressed by. The MeToo movement certainly set the stage for this push to label everyone a Narcissist or a Toxic Abuser. The reality, when you really dig underneath the surface, is that most people pointing the finger calling out a Narcissist often exhibit Narcissistic tendencies themselves. In fact, those who are getting swept up in this societal push to make everyone a victim are typically those already operating from this self-centered perspective. Society has just given them a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into their childhood wound pattern.


Join me for an in-depth solocast discussion on how we got here, what groups are now at risk and what the collective future looks like for us if we continue to allow this to grow without accurate self-reflection.


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