God, NFTs & Web3 with Matt Gottesman

How to Navigate Future Technology with Sovereignty 

In today's episode, I interview one of my favorite humans on planet earth - Matt Gottesman. Matt and I met back in 2017 when I appeared on his podcast The Hustle Sold Separately. [ you can find the episode here ] He is a genius-level entrepreneur who is God-focused, creative AF and always years ahead of the rest in trend-spotting. 

I have to say that I left this episode inspired and educated in an area I genuinely felt made no sense prior to this chat. I know many of you approach emerging technology with a cross and garlic cloves like an oncoming vampire attack - but the truth is technology is evolving  daily and if you don't at least take the time to understand what is happening and how it is and can be used, it's more likely to have a negative impact on you. This isn't an "if-you-can't-beat-em-join-em" scenario for me. My position remains the same - I say cut the sh*t and fund studying spiritual technology and the capability of the human brain and body above and beyond AI and tech - but - the world is currently moving in this direction. It is hard to protect yourself from and engage with something you don't understand. So, in the spirit of understanding the very thing you despise, let's dive in. Truth be told - you might not hate this part as much as you thought. 

But seriously... F the Metaverse 🤣 - go talk to God and go for a hike [ right after you watch this epic knowledge-bomb-filled-episode].


Show Notes

4:10 How do we stay connected to God as we explore future technology?

9:00 You may want to scale your business or you may want to live out in the woods - how you choose to engage as a business person is multifaceted and changes the approach depending on who you are in your soul

14:00 The history of information consumption and where we are today

24:44 Some of us were prepared for this moment in time, while others were blindsided. 

27:00 What the F is an NFT?

39:00 Enter Web3 - what is it? How does it differ from Web 2?

43:00 Why NFTs are a highly-valuable pathway for influencers with an engaged following

54:20 What is the TRUE metaverse - not some FB hijack

1:02:26 Investing in Crypto + where are we headed?

1:14:45 Why day trading Crypto is not for Matt and what he does instead.

1:20:20 Our childhood relationship with money and how it dictates how we engage with it today

1:24:00 The renaissance period Matt believes we are nearing...

1:30:32 Rapid Fire Questions - you don't want to miss these.

1:38:29 What Matt has on the horizon next *HINT* it involves NFTs and Web3


How to Connect with Matt Gottesman

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