The New Deviance

This is the most important podcast I've given to-date. As a collective, we are at a critical crossroads. Where will we go? What collective destiny will we choose? Will we do the work to understand the subtle forces that impact our decision-making before we even have the chance to make one? 

This podcast takes a sociological approach to understanding the time and place we find ourselves in. Are you ready to learn about social deviation, priming and where we might be heading? If so, get ready to hunker down for this 90 minute episode that will certainly get your wheels turning. 

And please - if you feel called to share this episode - DO using the share buttons on the side of the screen! We need to get these messages out there more than ever. 

I am forever grateful for my mission and more passionate about teaching than I've been in a long time. Thank you for being on this beautiful and chaotic journey with me. 

 If you'd like to WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION, click HERE.

Until the next episode...

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